Xanoxx Marine

Xanoxx Marine

Xanoxx Marine was created as an electrical insulator for extreme conditions; it is ideal to be used in regions with high marine humidity, protecting any surface that is coated with this product, from the abrasive effects of saltpeter.

Guarantees that electricity will keep flowing, even if the cables are underwater, preventing short-circuits. Even though, it is not advisable to use cables underwater, as it is a highly extreme condition.

Xanoxx Electrónica

Xanoxx Electronic

Xanoxx Electronics contains a mixture of corrosion inhibitors, repellent agents and additives that prevent wear in metal and electric surfaces. Due to its unique formula, this dielectric has a good repellent capacity, and its nanotechnology structure produces a high degree of dry protection against corrosion.

The invisible layer created by the Xanoxx Electronics dielectric protects circuit boards and several electric devices even when exposed to water.

Due to its dry protection, it is also recommendable in areas that need a greater mechanical protection, for example, against animals.

Xanoxx Universal

Xanoxx Universal

Xanoxx Universal suffers no structural modifications due to climate changes, and it is 100% effective in a range between -20 and 130°C.

Unlike other electric insulators, Xanoxx Universal can be applied to hard and flexible surfaces, because it becomes perfectly integrated to the structure at the molecular level.

It is very easy to apply, you only need to spray the area you wish to protect and wait a few minutes for it be fully integrated into the surface.