Broadly speaking, nanotechnology is the study and manipulation of matter at a scale of millionths of a millimeter (nanometer).

Based on this tiny structures and systems that increase the efficiency of existing industries and develop products that increase the quality of life are designed, protecting the environment

Our Products


The nano coating provided by Xanoxx prevents corrosion and increases electric resistance in its different presentations. By establishing a bond with the surface at the molecular level, it guarantees full protection against moisture, even in the harshest tests this nano coating has been submitted to, a light bulb, after coating the base with Xanoxx, can be turned on underwater.


Prevents pollutants, as well as liquids and oils, from entering the surface.


It allows the surface to be electrically insulated, preventing problems with short circuits


EThis nano coating prevents rust from appearing in metal or electric surfaces.

Easy to apply

The application of this nano coating is quite simple, due to its presentation as a spray